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SHIN CHUAN ELECTRONICS & METAL Co., Ltd. uphold the customer first, integrity, integrity law-abiding, sound operation, mutual benefit, pragmatic innovation, cooperation and win-win cooperation concept. Adhere to the market-oriented, economic efficiency as the center, attentive to our services, to concentrate on our professional.

Cooperation Process:

Business cooperation is mainly communication, good communication and two-way understanding can let the two sides in the latter part of the cooperation to avoid more detours and twists and turns, but also enterprises to choose a good partner partners. Company personnel will be able to apply professional knowledge and experience to meet customer needs, to achieve a win-win cooperation and good relations.

1. Submit the request

Submit your needs, can be submitted by online, mail submission, telephone contact.

2. Communicate to confirm the need to submit the sample.

According to your product needs to communicate, confirm the demand, to provide samples.

3. To discuss the details of the cooperation, signed the agreement and the contract>

Communication to discuss the relevant details of cooperation, and you signed an agreement to reach a strategic partner.