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Talent Strategy
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Human resources is the enterprise's valuable wealth, but also the development of enterprise support force. The company has been advocating "people-oriented" management philosophy. Work advocating innovation and progress, integrity and pragmatic style of work.

Excellent talent is the basis for the realization of corporate strategic objectives, is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. Companies to scientific personnel training methods, effective incentive mechanism, a fair competitive platform, a broad career development space 廣納 good talent, in the human resources "election, education, use, stay" to increase efforts to continuously optimize the quality of staff structure The So that every employee can be in the new hardware of the collective fully embodies the self-worth, to achieve personal career planning and business development goals of the largest fit, employees and business common growth.

Talent should have the quality:
First healthy personality. There are principles, there are clear standards of right and wrong, there is a strong sense of responsibility and good professional conduct.
The second highest creativity. Must have a sense of innovation, see the problem has a unique perspective, creative impulse, seeking different thinking and dare to doubt the spirit.
The third initiative. Have a higher subjective initiative, self-improvement and self-development awareness, less dependent.
The fourth broad knowledge. Enterprises pay attention to talent to have a complex knowledge structure, so you can ensure that people have migrating thinking.