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The SHIN CHUAN ELECTRONICS & METAL Co., Ltd.was established in October 1997, Taiwan's new full-Enterprise Co., Ltd. invested by the establishment of Taiwan's new full license was established in June 1978, in the joint efforts of all employees under the business , In southern Taiwan's hardware and electronic parts industry reputation.

The company was established in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, the town of Longhu Lake Industrial Zone, due to the expansion of business needs, the original plant area is not enough to use, in January 2003 moved to the current Shuizhong Town Center Industrial Park, plant area of 7,000 square meters , Construction area of about 10,000 square meters.

The company's products for the metal metal stamping molding, all metal metal parts can be produced, the factory punch to continuous mode, the production of more sophisticated parts for the automatic production of products. Specializing in the production of inserted films, phosphor bronze, conductive films, automotive terminals, medical equipment, and other types of terminals, and so on. Major customers for the production of small transformers, rectifiers, chargers, power supplies, automobiles, medical equipment manufacturers. Customers for the production of electronic, electrical, electrical products (conductive parts, heat sinks) are the company's clients, the company all products are based on customer drawings requirements, and then design their own mold production output.

In the product quality assurance, our company in 2007 made ISO9001 quality assurance system and 14001 environmental management system certification, and guide the company's self-management of the faith, operational standardization, system system, so that production and management more smoothly and sound. In order to provide customers with good quality, for the purchase of raw materials are developed strict procurement standards procedures, in the production process, to improve the caliper and projection equipment with the measurement ratio. For electroplating products, must be done solder, bending, salt spray, layer thickness and other tests, finished products have to go through the layers of the check before the packaging can be shipped. Our quality policy is: the constant pursuit of better quality, at any time to meet customer needs, uphold the spirit of continuous improvement, continue to challenge the higher quality objectives; so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of the product market. Customer-centric, emphasizing the ability of enterprises, can at any time to meet customer needs, enhance corporate image quality, thereby expanding the market.

The whole company will adhere to the road of sustainable development, the indicators in line with national standards; adhering to the "sound operation, and strive to progress, excellence, sustainable development" business philosophy, hand in hand with manufacturers at home and abroad, create brilliant!